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Appendix C Background Material for Chapter 1
Pages 99-102

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From page 99...
... These materials are not inherently mechanical systems (such as MEMS) but are building blocks that can be combined to produce physical systems of greatly increased physical strength or other highly desirable attributes (e.g., electrical conductivity)
From page 100...
... Efficient Software Development: Development of significant enhancements in algorithm designs and development, testing, and production of software such that the human labor and time required for developing complex code are greatly reduced and a much more efficient use is made of computer processing capability. Fuel Cells: Development of efficient, safe, cost-effective hydrogen, natural gas, or other, not yet identi fied, fuel cells.
From page 101...
... This will lead to dramatic changes in the way materials, devices, and systems are understood and create major developments in areas such as computer efficiency, human organ restoration, and "designer" materials. New-Generation Nuclear Power Plants: Development of safe, environmentally improved, and cost competitive electrical power generation from nuclear processes (fission and possibly fusion)
From page 102...
... REFERENCE OTI IA (Office of Transnational Issues, Intelligence Analysis)

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