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3 Partnering with Other Institutions
Pages 46-49

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From page 46...
... A good example of the potential of open API access is illustrated in the commercial arena by the search service Google. Simple APIlevel access to its search engine is provided to anyone who registers, letting others spend their own research resources developing applications that might eventually be interesting or useful to Google.
From page 47...
... Overlays onto NARA holdings could be a relatively low cost method of dramatically providing a new set of services that satisfy NARA's educational mission. Educational publishers, as well as historians and social scientists, could develop online materials that draw on NARA holdings.
From page 48...
... There are several reasons why federated access to electronic records collections held by NARA and other organizations would be an attractive capability. First, it would provide a common interface to federal records regardless of which agency happened to have responsibility for managing them, allowing responsibility for electronic records preservation to be distributed among multiple agencies without giving up the advantages of a common access point for users.
From page 49...
... There is already a significant technology base to draw on, including metasearch technologies and standards such as the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol and the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.5 There is, however, no established base of practice for federating access to archives. As NARA and other organizatons start building such archives, federation is a technical area in which NARA might become a leader or engage the research community by informing it of its needs.

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