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Appendix D Committee Member and Staff Biographies
Pages 94-100

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From page 94...
... Howard Besser is an associate professor in the School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he teaches courses and does research on digital longevity, multimedia, image databases, digital libraries, intellectual property, instructional technology, and the social and cultural impact of new information technologies. For the past decade, Dr.
From page 95...
... His recent research on information retrieval addresses automatic database selection, high-speed adaptive information filtering, novelty detection, question answering, and information literacy in K-12 education. His earlier research studied architectures for large-scale information retrieval and filtering systems, first-generation Web-search systems, methods of improving search accuracy, and integration of text search with relational database systems.
From page 96...
... Her current research interests include digital preservation strategies, the impact of electronic communications on organizational memory and documentation, and remote access to archival materials. Mark Kornbluh is an associate professor of history at Michigan State University and the director of MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences On-line.
From page 97...
... He was a member of the National Research Council/CSTB committee that published The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age, and he served on CSTB's Committee on Broadband Last Mile Technology, which produced the report Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits. He holds a bachelor of arts in mathematics and computer science from Columbia College, a master of science in computer science from the Columbia University School of Engineering, and a Ph.D.
From page 98...
... She is a Sloan Foundation Fellow in Computer Science, a Bunting Fellow, and was the recipient of the 1996 Radcliffe Junior Faculty Fellowship, and the University of California Microelectronics Scholarship. She is recognized as an outstanding teacher, winning the Phi Beta Kappa teaching award in 1996 and the Abrahmson Teaching Award in 1999.
From page 99...
... Bishop worked for the City of Ithaca, New York, coordinating the Police Department's transition to an SQL-based time accrual and scheduling application. Her other work experience includes designing customized hospitality industry performance reports for a research firm, maintaining the police records database for the City of Ithaca, and freelance publication design.

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