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1 Phase I Revisited
Pages 7-12

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... THE PACE OF TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE Change is constant, but, on an absolute basis, our world has changed more in the past 100 years than in all those preceding. By the end of the twentieth century, the developed world had become a healthier, safer, and more productive place, a place where engineering, through technology, had forged an irreversible imprint on our lives and our identity.
From page 8...
... Although the United States has arguably had the best physical infrastructure in the developed world, the concern is that these infrastructures are in serious decline. Because it is of more recent vintage, the nation's information and telecommunications infrastructure has not suffered nearly as much degradation, but vulnerabilities of the infrastructure (or infrastructures)
From page 9...
... By 2015, and for the first time in history, the majority of people, mostly poor, will reside in urban centers, mostly in countries that lack the economic, social, and physical infrastructures to support a burgeoning population. In the United States, if current trends continue, Hispanic Americans will account for 17 percent of the U.S.
From page 10...
... The explosion in knowledge sharing, coupled with advances in technology, will provide the ability to achieve a new era in customerization-a buyer-centric business strategy that combines mass customization with customized marketing (Wind and Rangaswamy, 2000)
From page 11...
... Presentation at meeting of Industry­ University­Government Roundtable on Enhancing Engineering Education, May 24, 1999, Iowa State University, Ames.

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