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Appendix D: Hormesis
Pages 332-335

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From page 332...
... Pollycove and Feinendegen have made a theoretical ar The committee has reviewed evidence for "hormetic ef- gument that the hazards of radiation exposure are negligible fects" after radiation exposure, with emphasis on material in comparison to DNA damage that results from oxidative published since the previous BEIR study on the health ef- processes during normal metabolism. They argue that enfects of exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation.
From page 333...
... a conditioning radiation dose lowers the biological effect of In chronic low-dose experiments with dogs (75 mGy/d a subsequent (usually higher) radiation exposure.
From page 334...
... describes a reduction in lymphoma incidence after geographic areas with high background levels of radiation chronic, fractionated, low-dose total-body irradiation of compared to areas with "normal" background levels. The AKR mice with a spontaneous lymphoma incidence of fact that cancer rates in these high-background-radiation geo80.5%.
From page 335...
... The HWE is observed in most occupational radiation in Guodong Province, Peoples' Republic of China studies, including those of radiation workers, and should not (PRC)

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