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... The annual cancer incidence ob- compared; also called a follow-up study. served in a population in the absence of the specific Collective effective dose.
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... 374 GLOSSARY that is theoretically successful in capturing the param- weighting factors and radiation weighting factors, as eter of interest in 95% of its applications. Confidence defined by the International Commission for Radiation limits are the end points of a confidence interval.
From page 375...
... GLOSSARY 375 Gray (Gy)
From page 376...
... Any new and abnormal growth, such as a tumor; Protraction. The spreading out of a radiation dose over time neoplastic disease refers to any disease that forms tu- by continuous delivery at a lower dose rate.
From page 377...
... GLOSSARY 377 Retinoblastoma. An eye tumor that is an example of an in- Synergistic effect.
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... 378 GLOSSARY Weighted dose (d)

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