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Appendix N Examples of Funding Opportunities for Veterinary Research
Pages 219-222

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... Appendix N Examples of Funding Opportunities for Veterinary Research Sponsor Description General Alpaca Research Foundation Offers grants for alpaca research in four areas of emphasis, including: husbandry, health, genetics, and fiber Alternatives Research and Supports development of alternatives to use of animals Development Foundation in biomedical research, testing, and education American College of Veterinary Supports studies related to diagnosis, treatment, and Internal Medicine Foundation prevention of animal disease American Veterinary Medical Awards grants that meet its mission of "advancing the Foundation care of animals, with an emphasis on disaster preparedness and response" Morris Animal Foundation Supports research in canine, equine, feline, llama and alpaca, and wildlife and special species National Association of Animal Funds research in animal breeding and reproductive Breeders physiology with emphasis on artificial insemina tion; research interests include male fertility, genetics, sire health, female fertility, and market research National Institutes of Health Funds projects in veterinary science in animal models for reproduction, neuroscience, behavior, surgical techniques, blood substitutes, genetics of deformities, and pathogenesis; animal models for vaccines, drugs and diagnostics; research in animal care; sentinels for infectious diseases and environmental contaminants; and antibiotic resistance evolution 219
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... research interests are in pharmaceuticals Sandler Family Supporting Mission of Sandler Program for Asthma Research is to Foundation develop important new pathways of investigation in basic research regarding asthma; program particularly encourages applications from investigators not currently studying asthma; innovation and risk are strongly encouraged US Department of Agriculture Has various funding programs that support research in animal growth, development, and nutrient utilization, and animal genome and genetic mechanisms Whitaker Foundation Research Grants program supports research projects that enable investigators to establish academic careers in biomedical engineering or closely related field Small Animal Research American Animal Hospital Funds practitioner-oriented research projects aimed at Association Foundation improving lives of companion animals through veterinary medicine; projects should be of immediate value to practicing veterinarian; project results, when published, should provide information that practitioners will find of use in dealing with patients; to degree possible, projects should use case material rather than laboratory or research animals American Association of Feline Offer research awards to persons doing meaningful Practitioners Academy of research in feline medicine and/or surgery; awards Feline Medicine are given for research whose application shows most clinical merit; strong preference will be given to noneuthanasia studies and to funding complete research projects, rather than partial funding of projects; this does not preclude matching funds; preference will be given to funding clinical studies of patients, rather than research animals American College of Laboratory Funds research in laboratory animal science and Animal Medicine Foundation medicine
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... Winn Feline Foundation A nonprofit organization, affiliated with Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc., that supports research into medical problems affecting cats; studies of general scope are primarily encouraged, but foundation is interested in projects that address problems peculiar to individual breeds. Food Animal American Association of Swine Funds research with direct application to swine Veterinarians Foundation veterinary profession National Mastitis Research Supports research in subjects affecting udder and cow Foundation health and milk quality National Pork Board Solicits research proposals on pork production (environment and swine health)
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... 222 APPENDIX N Sponsor Description Equine American Horse Shows Association Subjects of special concern to performance and show horses American Quarter Horse Supports research in equine infections, anemia, Association navicular syndrome, laminitis, glycogen storage disorders, and fertility in mares and stallions; also has matching funds program for research in specific horse health issues Grayson-Jockey Club Research Supports research relevant to equine cardiopulmonary Foundation disorders, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and reproduction US Equestrian Federation, Inc. Solicits proposals of special concern to performance and show horses Many of the funding sources listed above have limited resources so that they may offer small awards periodically.

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