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5 Alternative Scenarios for Future Infrastructure Management
Pages 88-93

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From page 88...
... Reclamation has recognized and taken steps to adapt its tasks as it changes from water resource development to water resource management. This change has turned Reclamation from a construction and capital-oriented organization into an operations and maintenance organization that requires determining the appropriate balance and borders between centralized policy and decentralized operations.
From page 89...
... For a single project, Scenarios 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive, but they could be occurring concurrently on different projects. SCENARIO 1: CENTRALLY LOCATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION Construction projects other than minor projects that are undertaken by area or regional offices are executed by a centrally located construction
From page 90...
... The central organization provides project management services, thus overseeing design and construction activities. Unit personnel, while based at a central location, are deployed as needed to field locations to execute the construction task.
From page 91...
... ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS FOR FUTURE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT 91 SCENARIO 2: OUTSOURCED OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Outsourcing of essentially nongovernmental functions increases to the point where Reclamation accomplishes all of its field O&M tasks by contract except those determined to be inherently the government's responsibility. The O&M for major hydroelectric plants and dams that pose the most significant risks is likely to continue to be a Reclamation function, but with increasing support services by contractors.
From page 92...
... A recent review of USACE water resources planning (NRC, 2004) recommended a portfolio planning process that considers issues such as the operational benefits that may be realized when investment in a new project results in increased value of the water infrastructure.
From page 93...
... 2004. Review Procedures for Water Resources Project Plan ning.

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