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Chapter 1: Close Encounter
Pages 1-6

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From page 2...
... Back in New York, she helps city kids visiting the Bronx Zoo learn about threatened wildlife and the need for conservation. Thanks to Amy's hard work, many animal populations have grown stronger.
From page 3...
... How did Amy get into the business of saving wildlife? Simple: She followed her instincts, and they led her to science.
From page 4...
... Pablo doesn't usually come near unless help Pablo and his fellow mountain he's trying to get me to play. gorillas survive.
From page 5...
... Then a surprise: When dark clouds descended and showered rain on the jungle, Amy saw Beethoven, the kinglike male silverback in the group, shelter Pablo beneath his hulking chest. Every night after that, when Beethoven had finished pulling up plant stems, vines, and leaves and shaping them into a warm, dish-shaped nest, he allowed Pablo to make a crude nest of his own nearby.
From page 6...
... Still, she couldn't help wondering what the future held for him. Amy couldn't imagine him as a mature adult, much less a powerful leader like Beethoven.

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