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Appendix B Workshop Agenda and Participants
Pages 199-204

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From page 199...
... A P P E N D I X B Workshop Agenda and Participants NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES Division on Earth and Life Studies 500 Fifth Street, N.W. Board on Earth Sciences and Resources Washington, DC 20001 Phone: 202 334 2744 Fax: 202 334 1377 COMMITTEE ON GEOLOGICAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM: OPPORTUNITIES FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION WORKSHOP AGENDA February 4­5, 2004 Beckman Center Irvine, California 199
From page 200...
... Niemeier, University of California, Davis 9:50 am Connections Between Academic Programs, Research, and Industry, George Bugliarello, Polytechnic University (by video) 10:10 am Switch to Breakout Rooms 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Breakout Sessions with Plenary Speakers on Key Issues and Interdisciplinary Research and Education 1:00 pm Systems Approach to Geotechnology/Societal Issues Connected to Geotechnology (Auditorium)
From page 201...
... 8:00 am Large Data Streams in Real-time, Tom Farr, Jet Propulsion Laboratory 8:20 am Cyberinfrastructure, Dave Messerschmitt, University of California, Berkeley 8:40 am Characterization Tools and Visualization (Auditorium)
From page 202...
... 1:40 pm Mechanical Properties/Commercial Availability of Tools, Andrei M Shkel, University of California at Irvine 2:00 pm Chemical and Biological Sensors, Stephen Casalnuovo, Sandia National Laboratories 2:20 pm Switch to Breakout Rooms 2:40- 5:00 pm Breakout Sessions with Plenary Speakers on Biogeochemistry and MEMS and Sensors 202
From page 203...
... Heuze, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Sandra Houston, Arizona State University Roman Hryciw, University of Michigan Boris Jeremic, University of California Barbara Luke, University of Nevada, Las Vegas W Allen Marr, Geocomp Corporation Muralee Muraleetharan, University of Oklahoma Juan M
From page 204...
... GEOLOGICAL AND GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM Ellen Rathje, University of Texas Rodrigo Salgado, Purdue University Nicholas Sitar, University of California, Berkeley Chris Swan, Tufts University Masayoshi Tomizuka, National Science Foundation Jorge G Zornberg, University of Texas at Austin 204

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