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1 Introduction
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... The symposium and this report serve as important vehicles to raise awareness, fill gaps that have existed in cancer patients' long-term care, and chart a course for quality care for cancer survivors and their families. More than 100 stakeholders in the cancer community, including survivors, advocates, healthcare providers, government officials, insurers and payers, and researchers participated in the symposium.
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... ; however, unique features of pediatric treatment and healthcare delivery systems led to the decision to pursue childhood and adult cancer survivorship issues independently. The second report addressed one particular aspect of survivorship, focusing on psychosocial needs of survivors, using female breast cancer as the best studied example (IOM, 2004)
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... Topics addressed in other sessions will include developing cancer survivorship programs; minimizing long-term consequences of breast cancer therapy; nutrition issues for survivors; and survivorship issues in genitourinary malignancies, among other sessions. The one-day symposium reported here was designed by members of ASCO's Survivorship Task Force, members of the IOM's committee and staff, and the leadership of the NCCS.
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... The ASCO and IOM hope that this record of the day will provide continuing food for thought and ideas for actions in support of cancer survivorship in the years to come. Maria Hewitt and Patricia A

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