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4 Luncheon Address
Pages 94-96

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From page 94...
... I am guessing the year was 1980 or 1981, well before the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) was born, or before "survivorship" was a term of activity in the oncology world.
From page 95...
... I tried to think in my experience, what longstanding documents, or what documents I had engaged that helped me either as a physician or as a person. First, in terms of practice in pediatrics, there is something known to some of you I suspect, the Denver Developmental Screening Test, the DDST, which was developed in Denver some years ago to provide a way of measuring pediatric development, or child development in a fairly simple, fairly straightforward way.
From page 96...
... These are thoughts to consider, none of them tailor made. But I think the discussion that we are having is absolutely terrific, and the outcome in terms of cancer care and quality cancer survivorship stands to be terrific.

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