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I Introduction
Pages 10-12

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... Existing technology alternatives for waste management; reprocessed spent fuel that 5. Technology gaps for waste retrieval and management; and exceed the concentration limits for Class C low-level waste 6.
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... , with economic and social considerrequesting this study, explicitly enables DOE to determine ations taken into account. that some tank waste is from reprocessing of spent fuel is not The material in this report builds on the interim report; high-level waste and can be disposed of on-site at the the committee reviewed new material from the Savannah Savannah River Site and the Idaho National Laboratory, pro- River Site and held meetings at the Idaho National Laboravided the requirements in that section are met.8 Section 3116 tory and the Hanford Site in Washington, which broadened provides new waste determination criteria at these two sites the committee's perspective.
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... Worker safety is the top priority in 11Throughout this report, "tank waste removal" refers to removal of waste from the tank and secondary containment system, if applicable. 12Exhuming and disposing these extremely large and contaminated waste tanks off-site would pose a tenfold increase in risks to workers, according to DOE estimates.

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