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Appendix C Section 3116, Order 435.1, and Performance Objectives
Pages 144-147

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... Order 435.1. The performance TABLE C-1 Side-by-Side Comparison of Text Relevant to Waste Determinations from Section 3116 of the NDDA and DOE Order 435.1 Topic NDDA Section 3116 DOE Order 435.1 General definition of waste from the The term ``high-level radioactive waste'' does not Waste resulting from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel that include radioactive waste resulting from the that is determined to be incidental to reprocessing is is not high-level waste reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel that the Secretary not high-level waste, and shall be managed under of Energy .
From page 145...
... . for the purpose of assessing compliance with the performance objectives set out in subpart C of part 61 of title 10, Code of Federal Regulations Citation Process Criteria for determining reprocessing No provision Waste incidental to reprocessing by citation includes waste to not be high-level waste spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant wastes that meet the description included in the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (34 FR 8712)
From page 146...
... Every reasonable effort shall be made to maintain radiation exposures ALARA" Section 61.44 "The disposal facility must be sited, designed, used, operated, and closed to achieve long-term stability of the disposal site Stability of the disposal and to eliminate to the extent practicable the need for ongoing active maintenance of the disposal site following closure so site after closure that only surveillance, monitoring, or minor custodial care are required" Compliance time frame "Even though a time of compliance is not mentioned in 10 CFR Part 61, a period of 10,000 years has been recommended by Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff in its guidance on performance assessments, but this recommendation has not been approved by the Commission, so it does not constitute official agency policy"
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... . TABLE C-3 Radiological Performance Objectives Protection of Groundwater Resources a, b, c Alpha emitters 226Ra plus 228Ra 5 pCi/L All others (total)

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