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Appendix D Information-Gathering Meetings
Pages 148-150

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From page 148...
... Department of Energy (DOE-EM) Savannah River Site Concentration Averaging, Challenges, Department of Energy Tank Wastes, Ken Picha, Engineer, and Factors of Safety for On-site Disposition of Tank DOE-EM Waste, Sherri Ross, Engineer, Programs Division, NRC's [U.S.
From page 149...
... Integration and Technology, Closure Business Unit, The National Academies: The Certain Tank Waste Commit WSRC tee Radionuclide Removal Technologies and Law and Tank Space Overview, Mark Mahoney, Program Integration Secondary Waste, Bill Hamel and Billie Mauss, DOE and Technology, Closure Business Unit, WSRC ORP Safety Case, Doug Hintze, Director, Waste Disposition Pro- Scientific and Technological Challenges, Jim Honeyman, grams Division, DOE-SR CH2M Hill Hanford Group, Inc. Removal of Heels -- Bases for Decisions and Methods of Test- Historical Perspectives on Current Challenges by Hanford ing, Tom Caldwell, DOE-SR Retired Technical Experts, John L
From page 150...
... , David Esh, Division Locke, DOE-ID of Waste Management and Environmental Protection, Development of Tank Cleaning and Grouting Approaches Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, -- Tank Cleaning Experiences to Date, Keith Quigley, NRC CH2M-WG Idaho INL Citizens Advisory Board, David Kipping, Chair Analytical Results of Tank Cleaning to Date, Nick Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Nations, Willie Preacher Stanisich, Portage Environmental State of Idaho, Kathleen Trever, Manager, Idaho National Remote Jet Grouting of Residual Waste Heels, Joe Faldowski, Laboratory Oversight Program Senior Project Manager, AEA Technology Engineering Services, Inc.

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