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Appendix F Waste Retrieval Status
Pages 159-162

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From page 159...
... Used Comments Tank 16a 9.5 kg solidsa Savannah 1.06 million 830 Ci Water washing, Completed to the limit of technologies. River Site (30.7 TBq)
From page 160...
... Used Comments S-112f Hanford 758,000 23,000 gallons Results not Modified sluicing, Retrieval complete to the limit of available saltcake dissolution, technology for modified sluicing and Salt Mantis saltcake dissolution; additional technology (Salt Mantis) deployed, retrieval still in progress Idahog 7,600 gallons liquidsg WM-180 300,000 1,047 Ci Pumping and 542 kg solids (38.7 TBq)
From page 161...
... Chemical cleaning Using sluicing Modified sluicing and acid dissolution (Hanford tank C-106) Using mixers Oxalic acid (SRS Tanks 16 and 24)
From page 162...
... Status indicates if and where device was deployed or tested. INL = Idaho National Laboratory; ORNL = Oak Ridge National Laboratory; PNNL = Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; SRS = Savannah River Site.

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