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Appendix H Features of a Good Monitoring Program
Pages 183-185

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... , as tion to support other efforts (e.g., performance assessment)
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... For example, DOE's Savannah River Site extent of knowledge and understanding of the environmental has three distinct watersheds, so the surface hydrology is surrounding, including the disposal site, which argues for distinct. Even though watersheds that contribute to surface site characterization that is continually improved by new flow are isolated, the groundwater flow within these distinct data.
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... 185 APPENDIX H REVIEW ON A REGULAR BASIS TO ADAPT iterative approach improves both monitoring effectiveness TO CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES and the validity of models used to predict contaminant movement. The monitoring program will fill data gaps pertaining A good monitoring program has a formal mechanism for to environmental understanding and the dynamics effecting regular review relative to goals and to changes in the enviprocesses of interest.

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