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Appendix I Performance Assessment Process
Pages 186-189

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From page 186...
... However, no amount of parametric examination ance with even the definite performance objectives involves compensates for an inaccurate conceptual model. scientific judgment and regulatory policy decisions that are An National Research Council (2000f)
From page 187...
... panel that described the processes through which assessment, these mathematical models must be able to conceptual models of flow and transport in the fractured reconstruct or predict variations of quantities such as convadose zone are developed, concluded that the development centrations of a contaminant in air, surface water, or groundof the conceptual model is the most important part of the water in both space and time. Computer codes have been modeling process.1 developed to calculate results from the governing equations using analytic (exact)
From page 188...
... models, even models of nuclear waste facilities, the more If compliance with the performance objective requires pro- confidence we will have in the analysis (and the models, jection of environmental impacts extending thousands of including performance assessment) ." He argues that proyears into the future, a good analyst will establish whether longed periods of site monitoring, perhaps as long as 300 to the cumulative errors produced by a model yield meaningful 1,000 years, are required to update codes to calibrate models results.
From page 189...
... known about the systems. Presentation of the performance assessment is as impor As presented, a conceptual model is developed as a first tant as any other step in the method because if the results are step in the PA process using the available data.

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