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Appendix K Glossary
Pages 197-202

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From page 197...
... It was process for treating tank wastes in which monosodium neutralized and alkalinized to minimize corrosion titanate will be added to the waste tanks to sorb before being sent to the tank farms strontium and the actinides. To be used at the Savannah River Site to remove strontium, neptunium, uranium, BULK.
From page 198...
... . A process for removing salt waste from tanks at the Savannah River Site.
From page 199...
... . Facility that houses the MCU will use a solvent extraction process to recover reprocessing operation at Idaho National Laboratory, cesium from the salt waste.
From page 200...
... The provide a place for the permanent disposal of high- goals of RCRA are to protect human health and the level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. environment from the hazards posed by waste disposal, by encouraging the conservation of energy and natural PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT.
From page 201...
... low-level waste. that was used at the Savannah River Site to remove cesium from the tank system.

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