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Appendix C List of Presentations to the Committee
Pages 337-342

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From page 337...
... • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Michael H Allen (Uniersity of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
From page 338...
... • Research Needs for the Future Robin M Weinick (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
From page 339...
... • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Robin Weinick (Safety Nets and Low Income Populations and Intramural Research) • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Rick Hunt (Diision of Injury and Disability Outcomes and Programs)
From page 340...
... Reimbursement and Funding of Pediatric Emergency Care Services • Reimbursement Issues in Pediatric Emergency Care Steen E Krug (Northwestern Uniersity/Children's Memorial Hospital)
From page 341...
... • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Barry Chaitin (Uniersity of California -- Irine) • The Patient Perspective Sandy Schuhmann-Atkins (Uniersity of California -- Irine)

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