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... In particular, the report identified basic research in the physical sciences as a key underpinning for the nation's strategic strengths. Against this broader backdrop, the work of the Committee on Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century took on a special significance.
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... 2. Although setting priorities is essential, it also is critical to maintain a di verse portfolio of activities in particle physics, from theory to accelerator R&D to the construction and support of new experimental facilities.
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... Moreover, at Terascale energies, formerly separate questions in cosmology and particle physics become connected, bridging the sciences of the very large and the very small. The results of the committee's analysis have led to its chief recommendation: The United States should remain globally competitive in elementary par ticle physics by playing a leading role in the worldwide effort to aggressively study Terascale physics.
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... The committee be lieves that the United States should invest the capital needed to host the proposed ILC as the essential component of U.S. leadership in particle physics in the decades ahead.

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