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APPENDIX C: Workshop Participants
Pages 112-113

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... Kennedy School of Government Chief Scientist Harvard University Western Geographic Science Center USGS Jeff Cochrane Information Technology Specialist Jerry Keusch Coordinator, Last Mile Initiative Assistant Provost, Medical Campus US Agency for International Development Associate Dean, School of Public Health Boston University 8Participant names and titles at the time of the workshop (May 24-25, 2004)
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... 113 Steve Lingle Stacey Speer Director Senior Program Assistant Environmental Engineering Research Science and Technology for Sustainability Division The National Academies Environmental Protection Agency Greg Symmes Jim Mahoney Director Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans Roundtable on Science and Technology for and Atmosphere Sustainability Department of Commerce Associate Executive Director Deputy Administrator Division on Earth and Life Studies National Oceanic and Atmospheric The National Academies Administration Woody Turner Todd Mitchell Program Scientist President Office of Earth Science Houston Advanced Research Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Claudia Nierenberg Acting Assitant Director, Climate and Societal Lisa Farrow Vaughan Interactions Program Director of Environment, Science, Office of Global Programs and Development National Oceanic and Atmospheric Office of Global Programs Adminisration National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminisration Bhavani Pathak Biotechnology Advisor Robert Venezia Office of Environmental and Science Policy Program Manager US Agency for International Development Earth Science Enterprise National Aeronautics and Space Joel Scheraga Administration National Program Director, Global Change Research Program Bill Wallace Office of Research and Development President Environmental Protection Agency Wallace Futures Group, LLC Ed Sheffner John Warner Program Manager Professor of Chemistry Earth Science Applications Division Director, UMB Center for Green Chemistry National Aeronautics and Space University of Massachusetts, Boston Administration Bob Wellek Emmy Simmons Deputy Division Director Assistant Administrator Division of Chemical and Transport Systems Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, National Science Foundation and Trade US Agency for International Development

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