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Appendix B Recommendations
Pages 383-387

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From page 383...
... Appendix B Recommendations Recommendation 3.1: Research should be conducted to assess the degree to which hazard event characteristics affect physical and social impacts of disasters and, thus, hazard mitigation and preparedness for disaster response and recovery. Recommendation 3.2: Research should be conducted to refine the concepts involved in all three components (hazard exposure, physical vulnerability, social vulnerability)
From page 384...
... 384 FACING HAZARDS AND DISASTERS which disaster research findings are being implemented in local emergency operations plans, procedures, and training. Recommendation 3.8: Research is needed to identify the factors that promote the adoption of more effective disaster recovery preparedness measures.
From page 385...
... APPENDIX B 385 Recommendation 4.7: Taking into account both existing research and future research needs, sustained efforts should be made with respect to data archiving, sharing, and dissemination. Recommendation 5.1: As NSF funding for the three earthquake engineering research centers (EERCs)
From page 386...
... 386 FACING HAZARDS AND DISASTERS Recommendation 7.3: The hazards and disaster research community should educate university Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) about the unique benefits of, in particular, post-disaster investigations and the unique constraints under which this research community performs research on human subjects.
From page 387...
... APPENDIX B 387 Recommendation 9.3: In parallel fashion, DHS should make a conscious effort to increase significantly the number of awards its makes to social science students through its scholarship and fellowship program. Because much that must be investigated about the terrorist threat is related to social and institutional forces, more social scientists need to be recruited to adequately study them.

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