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Location of Recent or Planned R&D Sites
Pages 15-20

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From page 15...
... Location of Recent or Planned R&D Sites A major goal of the survey was to determine the relative importance of factors in deciding where to place R&D facilities and how the impor tance of these factors depends on whether facilities are inside or outside the home country. To minimize noise in the data, the survey did not pose questions about respondents' general perceptions of the pros and cons of locating R&D facilities in the home country versus possible locations elsewhere.1 Rather, respondents were asked if they could think of an R&D facility outside the home country that was either recently established or is in a planning phase.
From page 16...
... Number of Facilities Inside the Home Country Home Country United States 34 Western Europe 51 Other 7 Column Total 92
From page 17...
... There is a mix across U.S. and Western European firms and a mix of sites in developed economies and in developing or emerging economies.
From page 18...
... Figure 5 gives the relative frequency distribution for inside and outside sites. There is not a statistically significant difference between sites that are inside and sites that are outside the home country.
From page 19...
... Statistical Tests for Figure 6 (5-percent level) : Emerging economies Developed economies Home NeedsProd=SupResUniv Expand=NeedsProd NeedsProd= SupResUniv= SupResFirm= Relocate SupResFirm=Relocate NeedsProd=SupResUniv=SupResFirm SupResFirm=Relocate=Acquire SupResFirm=Acquire=SupResUniv

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