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General Background
Pages 7-12

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... gave another country as the home country.1 Throughout this report, the term "U.S. firm" refers to a respondent noting the United States as the home country and "Western European firm" refers to a respondent noting a country in Western Europe as the home country.
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... Textile products & apparel Questions regarding the distribution of R&D effort were in terms of employment rather than expenditure. There is general consensus from our interviews with R&D managers that this minimizes error, not only from exchange rate conversion, but also from the ability to answer questions easily.
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... GENERAL BACKGROUND 9 To minimize errors associated with cross-industry responses, R&D, technical staff, and production were defined early in the survey. The definitions given were For the purpose of this survey, we consider research and development, that is, R&D, to encompass the following: 1)
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... Each question was followed by five choices United States Western Europe Former Soviet bloc countries China India Other Respondents could choose multiple locations in answering each question. Those who chose the "other" category were asked to indicate the country/ region.
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... anticipate a decrease in the United States. In contrast, only 3.3 percent (7)

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