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Appendix A: Acronyms and Initialisms
Pages 107-108

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... Appendix A Acronyms and Initialisms 3d-Var three-dimensional variational assimilation EMWIN Emergency Managers Weather Information 4d-Var four-dimensional variational assimilation Network EnKF ensemble Kalman filters ACE Advanced Composition Explorer EnKS ensemble Kalman smoothers AFD Area Forecast Discussion ENSO El Niño/Southern Oscillation AHPS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency AMS American Meteorological Society ESP ensemble streamflow prediction ASC ACE Science Center ESRL Earth System Research Laboratory AWC Aviation Weather Center FNMOC Fleet Numerical Meteorology and BMA Bayesian model averaging Oceanography Center BSE bovine spongiform encephalitis FOS Family of Services CAS Constructed Analog on Soil moisture GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory CCA canonical correlation analysis GMB EMC Global Climate and Weather CCFP Collaborative Convective Forecast Product Modeling Branch CCMC Community Coordinated Modeling Center GODAS Global Ocean Data Assimilation System CDC Climate Diagnostic Center GSI Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation CFS Climate Forecast System CISM Center for Integrated Space Weather HPC Hydrometeorological Prediction Center Modeling HSS Heidke skill score CMC Canadian Meteorological Centre CNRFC California Nevada River Forecast Center IFPS Interactive Forecast Preparation System COLA Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change CONUS Continental United States IRI International Research Institute CPC Climate Prediction Center IWIN Interactive Weather Information Network CRPS Continuous Ranked Probability Score CTB Climate Test Bed LAF Lagged Average Forecast DA data assimilation MDL Meteorological Development Laboratory DART Data Assimilation Research Testbed MMB EMC Mesoscale Modeling Branch DTaP diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis MOS Model Output Statistics DTC Developmental Testbed Center MST Minimum Spanning Tree EC Equal Chances NAEFS North American Ensemble Forecasting ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range System Weather Forecasts NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research EMC Environmental Modeling Center NCDC National Climatic Data Center 107
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... 108 APPENDIX A NCEP National Centers for Environmental RPC Rapid Prototyping Center Prediction RPS Ranked Probability Score NDFD National Digital Forecast Database RSM Regional Spectral Model NDGD National Digital Guidance Database NGDC National Geophysical Data Center SAB Science Advisory Board NHC National Hurricane Center SEC Space Environment Center NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric SLP sea level pressure Administration SMLR Screening Multiple Linear Regression NOMADS National Operational Model Archive and SPC Storm Prediction Center Distribution System SREF short-range ensemble forecast NSSL National Severe Storms Lab SSI NCEP Spectral Statistical Interpolation NWP numerical weather prediction SST sea surface temperature NWS National Weather Service NWR NOAA Weather Radio TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast NWWS NOAA Weather Wire Service TAR IPCC Third Assessment Report THORPEX The Observing System Research and OAR Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Predictability Experiment OCN Optimal Climate Normals TIGGE THORPEX Interactive Grand Global OHD Office of Hydrologic Development Ensemble TPC Tropical Prediction Center PDA personal digital assistant PDD Product/Service Description Document USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers PDF probability density function USDA U.S.

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