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Appendix B: List of Presenters and Other Contributors to the Study Process
Pages 109-109

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... Appendix B List of Presenters and Other Contributors to the Study Process Lee Anderson, NOAA Headquarters Bill Mahoney, National Center for Atmospheric Research Lisa Bee, National Airspace System Weather Office Max Mayfield, NOAA Tropical Prediction Center Jim Block, Meteorlogix, Inc. Jacqueline Meszaros, University of Washington, Bothell Harold Brooks, NOAA National Severe Storms Joel Myers, AccuWeather Edward O'Lenic, NOAA Climate Prediction Center Laboratory Brad Colman, NOAA National Weather Service Tom Pagano, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Paul Dallavale, NOAA Meteorological Development Lab Service Kent Doggett, NOAA/NCEP Solar Environment Center Roger Pielke, Jr., University of Colorado Jun Du, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Roger Pulwarty, University of Colorado Warren Qualley, Weathernews Americas, Inc.

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