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Appendix C: Foreign Activity in AMO Science
Pages 204-208

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From page 204...
... C Foreign Activity in AMO Science in this appendix the committee gives a very brief summary of a very large amount of research activity in AMo science taking place in other parts of the world. FOREIGN-BASED FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH IN AMO SCIENCE Are foreign research efforts in AMo science comparable to those in the United States?
From page 205...
... aPPendix c 0 lion, and Austria (8 million) have made investments in AMo science that in some cases well surpass U.S.
From page 206...
... controlling Quantum world 0 the construction. Here we provide brief descriptions of the most prominent fourth generation sources slated for completion in the near term.
From page 207...
... aPPendix c 0 FOREIGN-BASED LASER LIGHT SOURCES Laser Megajoule and the High-Energy Multi Petawatt Laser the French Atomic energy center (ceA) is constructing two laser light sources -- Laser Megajoule and the High-energy Multi Petawatt Laser -- on the ceA site at Le Barp, Aquitaine.
From page 208...
... controlling Quantum world 08 the Galileo Galileo, the european global navigation satellite system, will provide europe with its own highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning service under civil ian control. it is an initiative launched by the european Union and the european Space Agency and will be interoperable with GPS and GLoNASS.

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