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Appendix E: People
Pages 217-221

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From page 217...
... E People the agencies were asked to provide information for each of the last 10 years on the number of grantees supported, the number of applicants for that support, and the success rates. they were also asked to comment on turnover, age distribution, and participation by women and minorities over the last decade and whether there have been any noticeable shifts.
From page 218...
... controlling Quantum world 8 the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Average grant size at the AFoSR is about $125,000 per year, so about 20 university Pis are in the program at any one time. other AFoSR funds support AMo research done at Air Force labs.
From page 219...
... aPPendix e  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency For the most part, DARPA does not award grants, but it does award contracts. Most of these are awarded and managed through AFoSR, ARo, and oNR.
From page 220...
... controlling Quantum world 0 the Like its sister agencies, Doe does not track demographics, so no quantitative information was provided on trends for women or minorities. But the qualitative belief is that these numbers are low, consistent with the experience of the other agencies.
From page 221...
... aPPendix e  period the AMoP theory program supported an average of 16 undergraduate students each year. Beginning in FY1997, the AMoP experimental program began giving preference to increasing the size of awards as opposed to increasing the number of awards or the number of investigators supported.

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