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... If current measures of media exposure and content are "close enough" to achieve reliability and consistency across study designs, researchers can turn their attention to other, more important questions that can deepen understanding of important social phenomena. Third, emerging theory and interdisciplinary research designs also need to address the increasing proliferation and complexity of highly versatile media technology.
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... SUGGESTED RESEARCH TOPICS In the course of the discussions, a number of participants offered suggestions for specific research topics that deserve further exploration, including: · how children and adolescents watch television and how viewing habits can be improved; · the potential benefits of media consumption; · interventions that might dilute negative effects or promote positive ones; · how family contexts influence the impact of media exposure on children's health outcomes; · how people choose media experiences; · documentation of what aspects of contemporary media have negative or positive effects on development, at what ages they have those effects, and what individual or familial characteristics affect risk or opportunity for benefit; · whether appropriate use of educational video games increases language acquisition and reading in preschool children; and · whether modeling appropriate eating and sexual practices reduces obesity and risky sexual behaviors. This brief sampling of the kinds of issues researchers want to explore suggests that the field has much work to do, but several larger themes emerged as well.
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... This would make it easier to offer credible and effective guidance and tools to parents, policy makers, and those who control media content.

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