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Appendix C Surveillance and Monitoring Activities
Pages 390-394

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... C Surveillance and Monitoring Activities TABLE C-1 Surveillance and Monitoring Primary Sponsor; Frequency of Data Survey Collection Population Cross-Sectional Surveys Behavioral Risk CDC; ongoing Adults ages 18 years Factor Surveillance System and older (BRFSS)
From page 391...
... Fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, weight control 50,000/year in 420 Television viewing secondary schools 5,000/year Height, weight, and BMI; physical activity and physical fitness; weight history; breastfeeding; food security 31,326 adults (2004) Physical activity, health care coverage and access 15,170 (2001–2002)
From page 392...
... January 2003– (CDC, 2006d) July 2004 National Survey of Early MCHB and AAP; Ages 4 to 35 months Childhood Health (NSECH)
From page 393...
... 3,000 (2002) Physical activity and physical education, walk/bike to school, television viewing, parents' physical activity 15,240 questionnaires Fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity and completed in 158 physical education, television viewing, weight status schools, 32 state (overweight, at risk, trying to lose weight)
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... 2006h. Youth Risk Factor Behavior Surveillance-United States 2005 Surveillance Sum maries System (YRBSS)

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