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Executive Summary
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... research. making at DoD increasingly considers the entire range of · Recommend approaches for framing existing and fu- diplomatic, intelligence, and economic options, as well as ture MS&A products to decision makers and giving military force -- the so-called "DIME space." At the same them the appropriate context and caveats, including time, new technology has emerged.
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... As DoD plans · Enhance and sustain collaborations among the for its expanded mission space in the face of increased un various parties developing network-centric MS&A certainties, it is critical that the best MS&A be used and used capabilities. effectively, because novel missions and increased uncertain · Continue and extend the development of existing ties lessen the ability of decision makers to rely solely on approaches to modeling network-centric operation.
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... in general, a high standard of professionalism across a broader swath of MS&A people. This high level of profes- The committee discussed the need for research in numersionalism will give decision makers more confidence in the ous promising areas but has chosen to recommend only five: ability of MS&A people to contribute meaningfully to very social behavioral networks, game-based training and simuladifficult decisions that should not be based on incomplete tion, cognitive decision making, network science, and embedexperience.

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