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1 Introduction
Pages 4-8

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... plied to a wide range of challenges and circumstances (Rumsfeld, 2006; Davis, 2002) , and to CBP's analogue Planning for nontraditional missions and transformed in operations, adaptive planning, in which war plans forces requires analyses of the capabilities and trade-offs for are developed so as to anticipate and then support ma various proposed force structures and equipment and also jor changes as circumstances change.
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... Although the NSF panel and this nologies, from rough models created with spreadsheet soft committee operated independently, the similarity of their ware by one person to guide his or her own decisions, to recommendations is striking. Within the wide purview of billion-dollar simulation tools based on multiyear efforts by MS&A, the challenges and opportunities facing DoD are large teams to support completely separate groups of ana those facing U.S.
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... the behavior expected from various networks and networked · Corps Battle Simulation.9 This model and its succes- forces, based on particular choices of components, proto sors have been in place for over 20 years and have cols, doctrine, attacks, and contexts. been extended to include maneuver, command and In tandem with advanced MS&A's use to engineer trans control, fire support, air defense, combat service sup- formed forces, it is also essential to developing budgets, per port, mobility, countermobility, survivability, intelli- sonnel plans, logistics support plans, and so on for how the gence, special operations, and psychological opera- forces will be fielded and used.
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... Strong MS&A capabilities are also needed to support the · Implementers develop and execute the experimental Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) process, which peri- plan and transform the model's raw outputs into odically provides a detailed understanding of the posture of useable results.
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... 2nd ed. out the force structure for enabling better decisions and con- Command and Control Research Program Publication Series.

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