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6 Moving Forward
Pages 52-56

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... MS&A AND MILITARY SCIENCE Military operations today comprise a large number of in In Chapters 2 and 3, the committee recommends substan- terconnected and counterposing systems and variables that, tial effort and investment to build the base of M&S science in addition to characterizing kinetic and other direct modes to deal effectively with networking; embedded systems; the of confrontation, include special operations, combat service implications of interconnected complex, dynamic, and adap- support, logistics, medical support, intelligence, counterintive systems; and other emerging issues. The committee telligence, psychological operations, etc.
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... "Verification, validation, and uncertainty quancult, to represent than those associated with EBO. To pro- tification are challenging and necessary research areas vide the necessary analytic support for EBO, it is essential to that must be actively pursued." The committee comes significantly accelerate the rate of progress in the entire sci- to the same conclusion for DoD, with a different emence base underlying military MS&A, including both MS&A phasis, in "Expanded Concepts of Validation" in Chapscience and military science.
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... veloping and refining concepts, defining capability requirements, and devising experimental and testing programs. Its basic approach is to use commercial offINTERNATIONAL ASPECTS OF MS&A the-shelf software for concept development and ex The committee did not address coalition MS&A in any ploration, which is less expensive (in both money and depth; however, a few observations can be made.
From page 55...
... They also give guidance to individual practitioners as 10 recognize five of the research areas discussed in Chapters they plan their own careers. 3 and 4 as paramount: social behavioral networks, game- The committee believes that the future of MS&A depends based training and simulation, network science, embedded upon progress in both infrastructure and research.

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