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Appendix A Serious Games and Their Role in Defense Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
Pages 57-63

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... Appendixes
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... Right now, game development for defense entertainment industry was producing highly immersive training is being handed off to individual contractors, who games and location-based entertainment, with wonderful viare not necessarily tightly coupled to DoD requirements. sual displays, great performing artificial intelligence (AI)
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... A typical organization for developing videogames for To impact the future of serious and entertainment games, entertainment and serious purpose is illuminating. Bing Gor- we need to undertake an R&D agenda that transforms the don, chief creative officer at Electronic Arts, thinks of games game production process from a handcrafted, labor-intenas "story, art, and software." We learn that there is a design sive effort into an effort having shorter, more predictable team, headed by a lead designer, who is responsible for the production timelines, increased complexity, and innovation story, the entertainment component of the game.
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... Infrastructure Cognition and Games Infrastructure is the underlying software and hardware We use cognition and games to develop theories and necessary for the development of the future of interactive methods for modeling and simulating computer characters games. Infrastructure includes work on and story, modeling and simulating human emotion, analyz ing large-scale game play, innovating new game genres and · Massively multiplayer online game architectures, play styles, and integrating pedagogy with story in the inter · Game engines and tools, active medium of games.
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... Serious games research and simulations for nonenter Research on sensory channels is fundamental to the sci- tainment domains include ence and technology of games. As we move toward more capable graphics engines, we need to know how to appro- · Serious game development across all application dopriately utilize that new capability for our serious games, mains -- health, public policy, strategic communicaand we need to generate new technology that can be put tions, defense, training, and education; into the next-generation graphics chipsets that industry pro- · Human performance engineering; and vides.
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... APPENDIX A 63 REFERENCES Zyda, M., and J Sheehan, eds.

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