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Appendix D Committee Membership Biographies
Pages 81-84

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From page 81...
... AISC's focus is on the development of advanced sysScience Foundation's Division of Mathematical Sciences. tem and model integration methods, new analytic techniques, Her ongoing areas of research focus on computational and and evaluation tools for assessing the impacts of new techgraphical statistics applied to statistical databases, including nologies.
From page 82...
... NASA/University of Houston Virtual Environments ReDr. Davis teaches graduate courses in defense planning, search Institute and in 1999 became the chair of the Departcounterterrorism policy, and policy analysis of strategy prob- ment of Computer Science at the University of Houston.
From page 83...
... He was a career Navy scientist in Financial Engineering and its Engineering Global Leaderspecializing in modeling and simulation, particularly cogni- ship honors program. He has served as area editor of Operative modeling, maintenance ergonomics modeling, and tac- tions Research, senior editor of IIE Transactions, president tical air system discrete event modeling.
From page 84...
... He has a administrative experiences include serving as deputy dean collateral appointment as professor of computer sciences, of SPPD, as director of USC's Institute for Civic Enterprise, and has held administrative appointments as chair of the and as chairman of USC's Systems Science Department. As Department of Industrial Engineering and as assistant direc- a consultant he has applied decision and risk analysis to many tor of the Mathematics Research Center.

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