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Appendix E Acronyms
Pages 85-86

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... E Acronyms ACT Allied Command Transformation ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration BCNPS BattleSpace Communications Network Planner and Simulator CAS complex adaptive system CASTFOREM Combined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation CBP capabilities-based planning COA course of action COTS commercial off-the-shelf DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DDDAS Dynamic Data-Driven Application System DEVS discrete event specification DIME diplomatic, intelligence, military, and economic DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, now called the Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (M&SCO) DNA Defense Nuclear Agency; dynamic network analysis DoD Department of Defense EADSIM Extended Air Defense Simulation EBO effects-based operations EBP effects-based planning EMAST End-to-End Modeling and Simulation Testbed FAR flexible, adaptive, and robust FCRT Future Capabilities, Research, and Technology FP fictitious play GAO General Accounting Office HLA High-Level Architecture ICCRTS International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ISAAC Irreducible Semi-Autonomous Adaptive Combat Model ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations JICM Joint Integrated Contingency Model JSAF Joint Semi-Automated Forces JSIMS Joint Simulation System JTF Joint Task Force JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System JTRC Joint Total Relevant Cost JWARS Joint Warfare System M&S modeling and simulation M&SCO Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (formerly DMSO)
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... 86 APPENDIX E MDA Model-Driven Architecture MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology MMOG massively multiplayer online game MORS Military Operations Research Society MOVES Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation MPARS Multifunction Phased Array System MRM multiresolution model MS&A modeling, simulation, and analysis MSIAC Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center MSRR Modeling and Simulation Resource Repository NAS National Academy of Sciences NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NCO network-centric operations NCW network-centric warfare NETWARS network warfare simulation NRC National Research Council NSF National Science Foundation NSS Navy Simulation System OEF Operation Enduring Freedom OFT Office of Force Transformation OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom PCAS preconflict anticipation shaping PMESII political, military, economic, social, infrastructure, and information PSYOPS psychological operations QDR Quadrennial Defense Review R&D research and development R&S reconstruction and stabilization RAID real-time adversarial intelligence and decision making RDT&E research, development, technology, and engineering ROI return on investment RSAS RAND Strategy Assessment System SBIR Small Business Innovative Research SEU subjected expected utility SNA social network analysis SOA service-oriented architecture SoS system of systems STTR Small Business Technology Transfer SysML Systems Modeling Language TACWAR Tactical Warfare Model TENA Test and Training Enabling Architecture UARC university-affiliated research center UAV unmanned air vehicle UGV unmanned ground vehicle UML Unified Modeling Language USAF United States Air Force USC ICT University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies UxV unmanned (air or ground) vehicle VAST virtual at-sea training VIC vector in commander VV&A verification, validation, and accreditation WOL Web Ontology Language XMSF Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework

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