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Appendix C Status of Monitoring and Assessment Plan (MAP) Components
Pages 221-226

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... Appendix C Status of Monitoring and Assessment Plan (MAP) Components1 1This list reflects MAP component status as of August 2006.
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... 222 Appendix C APPENDIX C Contracting Implementing MAP Component MAP Section Status Agency Entity Greater Everglades Wetlands Module Fish Sampling Methods Under way USACE USGS and Testing in Forested Wetlands Audubon Aquatic Fauna Regional Under way SFWMD FIU Populations and Periphyton Mat Cover and Composition Dry Season Aquatic Fauna Under way SFWMD FAU Concentrations Wading Bird Nesting Colony Under way USACE UF Location, Size, and Timing Wood Stork and Roseate Under way USACE FAU and Spoonbill Nesting Audubon of Florida American Alligator Distribution, Under way USACE UF Size, and Nesting American Crocodile Juvenile Under way USACE USGS Growth and Survival Effects of Environmental Mercury Under way USACE UF Exposure on Development and Reproduction of White Ibises Regional Distribution of Soil To be USACE UF Nutrients implemented in FY07 Sediment Elevation and 3.13.9 Under way USACE USGS Accumulation in Response to Hydrology and Vegetation Coastal Gradients: Salinity, Under way USACE USGS Flow and Nutrients Systemwide Vegetation Under way SFWMD SFWMD, with Mapping private contract with Avineon, Inc. Landscape Pattern: Marl Under way USACE FIU Prairie/Slough Gradients
From page 223...
... Appendix C 223 APPENDIX C Continued Contracting Implementing MAP Component MAP Section Status Agency Entity Landscape Pattern Ridge, To be SFWMD Under contracting Slough, Tree Islands Mosaic implemented process in FY 2006 Greater Everglades Stratified Completed SFWMD FIU Random Design pilot study and ongoing Transect and Sentinel Completed SFWMD FIU Sampling Design Tidal Creek Geomorphic Survey Completed SFWMD USGS in Southwest Everglades Greater Everglades Regional Completed SFWMD FIU Aquatic Fauna Baseline pilot study and Characterization ongoing Crayfish Population Dynamics Under way SFWMD FAU and Hydrological Influences Systematic Reconnaissance Under way SFWMD SFWMD Flights Wading Bird Distribution Surveys Synthesis, 1985-2001 Transect Water Quality and Under way SFWMD SFWMD and FDEP Biological Sampling Everglades Soil Mapping Completed SFWMD UF (Regional Distribution of Soil Nutrients) Loxahatchee Impoundment Completed SFWMD in SFWMD Landscape Assessment collaboration with USFWS Southern Estuaries Module Salinity Monitoring Network, Under way SFWMD NPS Biscayne Bay South Florida Fish Habitat Under way SFWMD FWC Assessment Network Seagrass Fish and Invertebrate Under way USACE NOAA Assessment Network continued
From page 224...
... 224 Appendix C APPENDIX C Continued Contracting Implementing MAP Component MAP Section Status Agency Entity Shoreline Fish Community Under way USACE NOAA Visual Assessment Juvenile Spotted Seatrout Under way USACE NOAA Monitoring in Florida Bay Large-Scale Submerged Aquatic Under way SFWMD FWC Vegetation Remote Sensing Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Completed SFWMD FWC Mapping in Florida and Biscayne Bays Southern Estuaries Dissolved Under way SFWMD SFWMD Organic Matter Fate and Effect Northeast Florida Bay Water Completed SFWMD SFWMD Quality Trends Northern Estuaries Module Salinity Monitoring Network Under way SFWMD SFWMD Caloosahatchee Water Quality Completed SFWMD Mote Marine Lab and Phytoplankton Monitoring Network Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Completed SFWMD SFWMD (SAV) Mapping from Aerial Photography; Indian River Lagoon and Loxahatchee Estuary Seagrass Photography and Mapping SAV Monitoring for Under way SFWMD Mote Marine Lab Caloosahatchee Estuary and SCCF SAV Transects/Visual Surveys Under way in SFWMD SFWMD for St.
From page 225...
... Appendix C 225 APPENDIX C Continued Contracting Implementing MAP Component MAP Section Status Agency Entity (Caloosahatchee Estuary, Estuary; pilot St. Lucie Estuary and Indian project for St.
From page 226...
... 226 Appendix C APPENDIX C Continued Contracting Implementing MAP Component MAP Section Status Agency Entity Lake Okeechobee Taxonomic Completed SFWMD SFWMD, Support Services for John Beaver Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Associates Monitoring Lake Okeechobee Submerged Completed SFWMD SFWMD Aquatic Vegetation Monitoring Lake Okeechobee Littoral Zone Under way SFWMD Photoscience, Inc. Emergent Vegetation mapping/monitoring South Florida Hydrology Monitoring Network Module Regional Hydrology Monitoring Completed SFWMD SFWMD-internal Network Optimization Study Regional Hydrology Monitoring 3.1.1 Completed SFWMD USGS Network Water Conservation Area 1 Elevations South Florida Hydrology Under way USACE USGS Monitoring Network South Florida Mercury Bioaccumulation Module Mercury Bioaccumulation Under way USACE NOAA Potential to Reduce Rates of Under way SFWMD SFWMD Mercury Methylation through a Reduction in Sulfur Inputs NOTE: FAU: Florida Atlantic University; FGCU: Florida Gulf Coast University; FIU: Florida International University; FWC: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra tion; NPS: National Park Service; SAV: submerged aquatic vegetation; SCCF: Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Founda tion; SFWMD: South Florida Water Management District; UF: University of Florida; USACE: U.S.

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