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1 Introduction
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... Markey Charitable Trust Programs in Biomedical Sciences is the official name of the NRC study committee that will assess the Markey Trust's activities. Hereafter it will be referred to as the committee or the Markey committee.
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... Research Program Grants The Trust established Research Program Grants to enable established investigators to address important issues in the biomedical sciences by developing new approaches or expanding continuing approaches to the study of basic biomedical research questions -- in short, providing flexible dollars for innovation and growth. In some instances, the awards permitted the development of new programs or the complete reorganization of
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... the Markey Scholar Awards in Biomedical Sciences through which a total of 113 Markey Scholars were supported for up to three years of postdoctoral training followed by five years of support as a junior faculty member with both salary and research funding provided, and (2 ) the United Kingdom and Australian Visiting Fellows Awards, which funded outstanding young scientists from the United Kingdom and Australia as postdoctoral fellows at American research institutions for two years.

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