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5 Lucille P. Markey Visiting Fellows Program
Pages 59-64

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From page 59...
... In addition, the Trustees recognized the impact of the cutbacks in support available in the United Kingdom through the MRC. Following subsequent discussions in 1985, the Trustees finalized a plan to fund United Kingdom scholars in United States institutions.
From page 60...
... Head, Molecular Genetics Unit Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology University of Cambridge School of Medicine George Stark, Ph.D. Chairman, Research Institute The Cleveland Clinic Sir David Weatherall, M.D., Ch.B., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.
From page 61...
... It was much more difficult to locate and interview the Fellows, the majority of whom were living outside of the United States. A listing of the Markey Visiting Fellows and their locations at the time we contacted them to schedule an interview can be found in Appendix E of this report.
From page 62...
... Of the 9 Fellows who continued working in the US, 5 are in academia, one is at a non-profit, and 3 are at biotechnology companies. The remainder have either returned to their home country, the United Kingdom or Australia, or are working in Europe or Asia -- all at research institutes or in academia.
From page 63...
... The one person who felt he had not achieved his goals was doing far more clinical work than he wanted. All were appreciative of the opportunity to come to the United States and study, and felt that the program was an excellent postdoctoral award.
From page 64...
... Other grant programs made you feel anonymous. I would recommend keeping the selection process rigorous.

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