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6 Conclusions and Recommendations
Pages 65-70

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From page 65...
... The Markey award, providing a generous stipend for up to seven years along with funding to establish a lab, enabled the Scholars to develop an independent research agenda, produce highly cited publications, and secure extramural funding. The data obtained for the committee's outcome measures show that Scholars were highly productive as measured by both the number of scholarly articles they produced and the number of citations these articles received.
From page 66...
... A few years ago, the NRC Committee on Dimensions, Causes, and Implications of Recent Trends in the Careers of Life Scientists (National Research Council, 1998) recommended: Because of its concern for optimizing the creativity of young scientists and broadening the variety of scientific problems under study in the life sciences the committee recommends that public and private fund ing agencies establish "career-transition" grants for senior postdoctoral fellows.
From page 67...
... Cech recommended: NIH should establish a program to promote the conduct of innovative research by scientists transitioning into their first independent posi tions. These research grants, to replace the collection of K22 awards, would provide sufficient funding and resources for promising scientists to initiate an independent research program and allow for increased risk-taking during the final phase of their mentored postdoctoral train ing and during the initial phase of their independent research effort.
From page 68...
... The committee urges funders to make certain that institutions making nominations ensure that female and minority nominees are fully included in all aspects of the nomination process. Moreover, the committee recommends that future funders incorporate annual meetings modeled after the Markey Scholars Conference to enable awardees to benefit from networking.
From page 69...
... Data generated from monitoring should be used to target appropriate candidates and tailor funding to meet changing needs. The committee notes that many philanthropic and public funders rigorously monitor and evaluate the outcomes of awardees and use these assessments to guide future funding strategies (National Research Council, 2006)
From page 70...
... The committee also endorses new programs, such as NIH's Pioneer Award, that foster independent research agendas for biomedical scientists later in their careers.

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