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Appendix C Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust Programs
Pages 83-86

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From page 83...
... This Appendix describes the General Organizational Grants program, Research Program Grants, and miscellaneous awards. GENERAL ORGANIzATIONAL GRANTS Almost at its inception, The Markey Trust had become cognizant of a growing gap between biomedical research and clinical application.
From page 84...
... The trustees received a number of proposals that fell into two categories: those that provided significant opportunities for M.D.s to engage in basic research during and immediately following medical school and residency and those that provided significant clinical exposure for Ph.D.s while they were predoctoral or postdoctoral students. The first of these awards, classified as General Organizational Grants, was made in 1992.
From page 85...
... These grants were designed to enable investigators to address important issues in the biomedical sciences by developing new approaches or expanding continuing approaches to the study of basic biomedical fields. Research Program Grants were made to institutions with a major commitment to the life sciences to assist in the establishment, reorganization, or expansion of significant biomedical research programs or centers.
From page 86...
... 1These seven institutions were: Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Rockefeller University, Stanford University, University of California, San Francisco, University of Michigan, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 2These include: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Jackson Laboratory, Marine Biology Laboratory, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Vassar College, and Life Sciences Research Foundation.

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