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... Funding the establishment, reorganization, or expansion of major biomedical research programs or centers led by established investigators 3. Providing training opportunities in translational research for doctoral and medical students.
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... The Markey Scholar Awards in Biomedical Science and the United Kingdom andAustralian Visiting Fellows1 were developed in response the Trustees' perceived need for funding to enhance the transition from postdoctoral fellow to faculty status. With guidance from expert consultants, the Trustees formulated a program that made about 16 Markey Scholar awards per year to outstanding young biomedical scientists for the seven years between 1985 and 1991 for a total of 113 awards.
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... to identify and fund biomedical scientists at this important time in their careers. The committee recommends that any future funders of career transitions awards give careful consideration to this template since it can enable funders to (1)
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... The committee recommends that future funders incorporate annual meetings modeled after the Markey Scholars Conference to enable awardees to benefit from networking. Finally, both the Scholars and comparison group members offered innovative suggestions for features that went beyond the Markey template and might enhance the funding of biomedical scientists.

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