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2 Issues Bearing on Sites Containing Large Amounts of Buried Chemical Weapons Materiel
Pages 17-21

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... Similarly, public marizes the regulatory framework in the United States for CWM recovery and destruction, reviews several key issues pertaining to CWM recovery and destruction, and addresses 1This document requires the Army to manage its cleanup program public involvement. "under unified vision and overarching strategy to remedy [any]
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... In addition, state and local pressures may lead to increased emphasis at some sites. Given the nature of the CWM and the public's concern Direct Treatment Versus Storage of RCWM about these items, as a practical matter, once CWM is discov- RCWM differs from hazardous waste and other military ered in residential areas or at any location not controlled by munitions in one significant respectthe destruction of the federal government, it is likely to be deemed a significant RCWM must be verified by the Chemical Weapons Convenrisk to human health pursuant to federal or state environ- tion (CWC)
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... authority to veto otherwise scientifically acceptable alterna As a general rule, safety is maximized through mini- tives.10 There are also additional, more formal activities mizing the handling of deteriorated non-stockpile CWM. associated with federal facility restoration activities, such CWM recovered from the burial sites is likely to be in a as funding of restoration site advisory boards composed of deteriorated condition.
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... 2003. Part IV, Department of Defense, 32 CFR Part 179, for the remediation of CWM from those large burial sites Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol; Proposed Rule.
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... 2001. Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, Response Process, EP 75-1-3, November 30.Available online at .

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