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Appendix A Tables Illustrative of a Variety of Non-Stockpile Items
Pages 85-88

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From page 85...
... that could be encountered during future recovery operations Preliminary Data Review, May 14. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.: at non-stockpile burial sites.
From page 86...
... 150-mm German Traktor 224a 184a 408a rocket w/expended motor 150-mm German Traktor 13a 18a 31a rocket w/unexpended motor 150-mm German Traktor 26a 12a 38a rocket w/warhead only Subtotal 873a 331a 4b 37a 1,245a Chemical sample containerc Ton container 2d 2d 4d 4-in. cylinder 2d 2d Lab sample container 14d 7d 21d Vial (L)
From page 87...
... SOURCE: Reprinted from NRC, 2005. TABLE A-4 Inventory of Non-Stockpile Items at Anniston Chemical Activity, Alabamaa Chemical Fill Item HD/HT GB VX Total Chemical sample containers Vials 36 36 DOT bottles 5 7 12 Ton containers 2 2 Total 5 38 7 50 aProvided to the committee by PMNSCM on November 19, 2004.

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