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Appendix C Tier 1 Agent-Only Processing Evaluation Subfactor Comparative Tables
Pages 99-104

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... Appendix C Tier 1 Agent-Only Processing Evaluation Subfactor Comparative Tables
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... chemical weapons. In addition, commercial incinerators have been used to treat some types of secondary wastes.
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... Residual agent concentrations in the final product are generally below the detection limit of 1 × 10­4 mg/ml. Does agent destruction meet the A joint Russian/U.S evaluation Agent destruction meets the terms Agent destruction meets the terms of terms of the CWC (irreversible and report states that the agent of the CWC (irreversible and the CWC (irreversible and verifiable)
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... effective. TABLE C-3 Process Safety Subfactor Evaluations for Tier 1 Agent-Only Processing Technologies Tier 1 International Agent-Only Processing Technologies Russian Two-Stage Neutralization/ U.S.: RRS, SCANS, and Process Safety Subfactors Bitumenization Incineration Neutralization and Hydrolysis What are the worker safety and The process appears to offer Process is now very mature.
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... in the final bitumen-salt product might be of concern. Does the process allow holding The process allows holding and Hold-and-test is not used for the The process allows holding and testing and testing of process residuals testing process residuals prior to offgases, but liquid and solid process residuals prior to release.
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... wastes require additional treatment To satisfy environmental to meet environmental regulatory regulatory requirements? requirements.

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