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Appendix D Workshop Agenda and Participants
Pages 173-176

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From page 173...
... PANEL 1: User Needs: Requirements and Gaps 9:10 Introduction (Donahue, Bruzewicz) 9:15 Panelist Remarks Questions by Committee Open Discussion 10:35 Summary of Discussion (Donahue, Bruzewicz)
From page 174...
... 3:00 Break BREAKOUT SESSION 3:30-5:00 1 -- Members Room 2 -- Room 142 3 -- Room 146 PLENARY SESSION 5:00 Summary of Breakout Sessions 5:30 Adjourn 5:30 Reception in Great Hall Thursday, October 6, 2006 Venue: Members Room 8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast PANEL 4: Training 9:00 Introduction (Stanley, Cutter)
From page 175...
... Jim McConnell, New York City Office of Emergency Management Michael Payne, Pierce County, Washington Suha Ulgen, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Bruce Davis, Department of Homeland Security Session 2: Data and Tools: Requirements and Gaps Mike Goodchild, University of California, Santa Barbara (co-chair) Susan Cutter, University of South Carolina (co-chair)
From page 176...
... Judith Woodhall, COMCARE Craig Stewart, GeoConnections Secretariat, Natural Resources Canada Tom Merkle, Capital Wireless Integrated Network Tony Spicci, Missouri Department of Conservation John Contestabile, Maryland Department of Transportation Eric Anderson, City of Tacoma, Washington Session 4: Training Ellis Stanley, Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department (co-chair) Susan Cutter, University of South Carolina (co-chair)

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