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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 79-81

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... PART 1: Current Validation Strategies and Associated Issues 9:00 am Experimental Design of DNA Microarray Studies Speaker: Kevin Dobbin, National Cancer Institute 9:30 am Speaker: Rafael Irizarry, Johns Hopkins University 10:00 am BREAK 10:20 am Statistical Analysis of Toxicogenomic Microarray Data: Hypotheses, Analysis Methods, and Multiplicity Issues Speaker: Wherly Hoffman, Eli Lilly and Company 10:50 am Diagnostic Classifier -- Gaining Confidence Through Validation Weida Tong, FDA, National Center for Toxicological Research 79
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... Environmental Health Perspectives 112(12)
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... Appendix B 81 dation approaches and methods to strengthen these ap proaches. 3:55 pm Summary Statements and Conclusions (Kenneth Ramos, University of Louisville)

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