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Appendix B Institutions Visited by the Committee
Pages 107-112

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From page 107...
... Appendix B Institutions Visited by the Committee City of Almaty Universities Academy of Economics and Statistics Al-Faraby Kazakhstan National University Economics Faculty Educational Computing Center Institute of Chemical Technology and Materials Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Almaty Technological University British-Kazakh University Economics/Finance Department Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Production Kazakhstan Main Academy of Architecture and Construction S Asfendiyarov Kazakhstan State Medical University Satpaev Kazakhstan National Agrarian University Satpaev Kazakhstan National Technical University Institute of Information Technology Government Ministries/Agencies Center for Information Systems for the City of Almaty City Scientific Research Center for New Technologies in Education City Water and Sewer System 107
From page 108...
... 108 APPENDIX B Department of Public Health of the City of Almaty Local (Oblast) Ecological Management Agency National Innovation Fund Research Centers Center for Astrophysics Research Center for Biological Research Center for Chemical and Technological Research Center for Geological and Geographical Research Center for Information Technologies in Medicine Center for Physical and Mathematical Research Research Institutes Aithozhin Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Almaty Branch of the National Center for Biotechnology Almaty Branch of the National Center for State Standards in Education and Testing Bekturov Institute for Chemical Science Institute for Atomic Physics Institute for Energy and Communications Institute for Metallurgy and Enrichment Institute for Problems in Computer Science and Management Institute for Scientific and Technical Information Institute of Archaeology Institute of Biological and Biotechnological Problems Institute of Economics Institute of Economic Research Under the Ministry of Economics and Budgetary Planning Institute of Economics Under the Ministry of Education and Science Institute of Geography Institute of High Technologies of the National Atomic Company Kazatomprom Institute of Mathematics Institute of Microbiology and Virology Institute of Seismology Institute of the Problems of Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources Institute of the Problems of the Complex Development of Mines Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition Kazakhstan Institute for Mineral Resources Kazakhstan Institute of Information Technology and Management Kazakhstan Scientific Research and Experimental Design Institute of Earthquake-Resistant Construction and Architecture
From page 109...
... 109 APPENDIX B Kazakhstan Scientific Research Institute for Oncology and Radiology Kazakhstan Scientific Research Institute for Power Engineering M Aikimbaev Kazakhstan Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections National Center for Comprehensive Processing of Mineral Resources National Center for Hygiene and Occupational Health National Center for Monitoring, Reference, Laboratory Diagnostics, and Methodology in the Veterinary Sciences National Center for Problems of Tuberculosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan National Center for Scientific and Technical Information National Institute of Intellectual Property National Nuclear Center National Scientific Methodological Center for Information Technology Education Oil Scientific Engineering Center Physical and Technical Institute Satpaev Geological Prospecting Institute Satpaev Institute for Geological Science Scientific Center for Medical and Economic Problems of Public Health Scientific Center for Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery Scientific Engineering Computing Center Scientific Research Institute for Cardiology and Internal Medicine Scientific Research Institute for Eye Diseases Scientific Research Institute for Problems in Ecology Scientific Research Institute of Building Materials (NII Stromproekt)
From page 110...
... 110 APPENDIX B Other Alatay Information Technology Park Central City Clinical Hospital Kazakhstan Association of IT Companies National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan National Specialized Physics and Mathematics Boarding School Polyclinic of City Clinical Hospital No. 5 Polyclinic of the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine Private School "Dostar" City of Astana Universities Agrarian University Gumilev Eurasian University Kazakhstan State Medical Academy Government Ministries/Agencies Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Economics and Finance Ministry of Education and Science Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of Environment Protection Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Industry and Trade Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer Ministry of Public Health Office of the Prime Minister Research Institutes Baraev National Grain Center National Biotechnology Center Scientific Production Center for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Scientific Research Institute of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics
From page 111...
... 111 APPENDIX B Private Firms Exxon-Mobil Other Asian Development Bank Roundtable of Good Laboratory Practices Roundtable on Science and Technology Priorities World Bank City of Atyrau Universities Kh. Dosmukhamdov Atyrau State University Research Institutes Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas Atyrau Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries Kazakhstan Scientific Research Geological Prospecting and Oil Institute Munaigaz Scientific Research Institute of the Caspian Private Firms Tengizchevroil Other Atyrau City Environmental Laboratory City of Karaganda Universities Karaganda Economics University Karaganda State Industrial University (Temirtau)
From page 112...
... 112 APPENDIX B Research Institutes Institute of Metallurgy (Temirtau) Karaganda Institute for Plant Sciences and Selection (Phytochemistry)

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