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Appendix C Workshop Attendees
Pages 73-76

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... Alta Charo San Francisco Chronicle University of California, Berkeley Zach Hall Patricia Chavira California Institute for California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Regenerative Medicine 73
From page 74...
... 74 ASSESSING RISKS OF OOCYTE DONATION FOR STEM CELL RESEARCH Mary Maxon Amy Hamilton California Institute for University of California, San Regenerative Medicine Francisco Juanito Meneses John Jain University of California, San University of Southern California Francisco David Jensen California Stem Cell Report Patricia Olson California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Aimee Kelley University of California, Berkley Joe Palca National Public Radio Ann Kiessling Harvard Medical School Richard Paulson University of Southern Sandy Kleffman California Contra Costa Times Don Reed Kirk Kleinschmidt Californians for Cures California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Jesse Reynolds Center for Genetics and Society Elizabeth Langdon-Gray University of California, Office of the President, Office of Gil Sambrano California Institute for Research Regenerative Medicine So Hyun Lee University of California, San Gerald Schatten University of Pittsburgh Francisco Shehua Shen Geoffrey Lomax University of California, San California Institute for Francisco Regenerative Medicine Kate Shreve Bertram Lubin California Institute for Children's Hospital Oakland Regenerative Medicine Research Institute
From page 75...
... 75 APPENDIX C Nam Tran Joe Leigh Simpson University of California, San Baylor College of Medicine Francisco Shannon Smith-Crowley American Society for Kim Chi Vo University of California, San Reproductive Medicine Francisco David Smotrich La Jolla IVF Aubrey Wade University of California, San Francisco Susan Stayn Partners Healthcare, Harvard Richard Wagner University of California, San Jeff Stryker Francisco Independent Writer San Francisco, California Zipora Weinbaum California Department of Health Charis Thompson Services University of California, Berkeley Adrianne Wong Juvenile Diabetes Research Terri Thorfinnson Foundation California Department of Health Services Sean Tipton American Society for Reproductive Medicine

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